Panopticum Berlin, Ineke Sleeuwenhoek


Beautiful, yet uncomfortable

14 t/m 17 februari 2013

On location at:
SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Sergels torg 3


“Sweet and sweet is way too sweet. Please, let’s add some bitterness to make a good meal.”
Gyögy Konrad

Beautiful, yet uncomfortable

For Supermarket Art Fair JCA DE KOK propose artists who´s work closely relates to the ‘Happiness’ theme of the 2013 edition. The presentation will be a cooperation of the artist group Panopticum Berlin and JCA DE KOK founder Ineke Sleeuwenhoek.
The exhibition will be a classic white cube presentation. It will reflect on the paradoxical fact that gloom, loneliness and alienation are essential sources of the ability of art to relieve and enlighten.
Panopticum Berlin does drawings, in which human individuals appear ghostly, combined with drawings of uncanny orphaned areas. Ineke Sleeuwenhoek portrays people in the innumerable meaningless non-moments of their daily lives.
The lonely characters and impersonal environments in the exhibition evoke conflicting emotions: fear, malicious joy, compassion, yearning, resignation, depression and aesthetic pleasure. The crafty precision with which the images are drawn is attractive, but the delight provides a friction with the scenes depicted. No answers are given, but attention is renewed to the familiar, yet mysterious alliance between beauty and tragedy.

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